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Anti-burst Gym Ball Price in Pakistan

Royal Fitness Anti-Burst Gym Ball are the exceptional durables and the versatiles exercises balls designes for gyms, office and the home uses. The Unique Royal Fitness Anti Bursts Gym Ball will helps you improves your balances, core strength and the agility. For the quicks references, a follow-alongs workouts is printed directs on the ball with the several key exercise.

Box Included of Anti-brust Gym:

One Anti-Burst Gym Ball 65-Cm, Ball Plugs and the Foot Air Pump.

Colour: blue,

Description of the Anti Brst Gym Ball:

Royal Fitness Anti-Bursts Gym Ball are the exceptional durables and the versatiles exercises balls designed for gym, office and the home uses. The Unique Royal Fitnesses Anti Bursts Gym Ball will be helps you improves your balance, core strengthy and agility. The properly sizes exercises ball will be allows you to sits on it with your knee and hips at 90-degrees. Using differents size balls will be allow you more flexibilits and the variations with your exercises ball the training.

  • A follows-alongs workouts is printed directs on the ball with severals key exercises.
  • Improved Muscle Tone, restores flexibility, enhances spinal stabilit, help loses weight, Improves Balanced, postures and the coordinations.
  • Dense rubbers wall, providing greats supports and the ensuring they are the resiliently and long lastings
  • Gain betters balance and the flexibility withouts joint strains.
  • Completed supports and the cushion the body
  • The ball can be uses at the home, in groups exercises and the personal Training session.
  • The Anti Bursts Gym ball is the portables, easy to the travels and easy to the store.

Anti Burata Gym Ball Available sizes: 65cm,

Antirust Gym Ball Sizes Guide Recommendations:

  • 55-cm (blue) – recommends for the person 5′ to the 5’5″
  • 65-cm (red) – recommends for the person 5’5″ to 6′
  • 75-cm (Grey) – recommends for the person 6′ and 6’ 5’’
  • 55-cm – 69-inches in the cir


  • 65-cm – 81-inches in the circumference
  • 75cm – 93 inches in the circumference.


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